Lilly Excellence Group

We are a multinational organization, headquartered in Manchester, the UK. Our company specializes in international consulting services for projects associated with healthcare. Our expertise lies in Education, midwifery/ObGyn services of global standards, Aquanatal, Prenatal, Postnatal, IT Consulting in healthcare, and Medical Tourism. We offer midwifery/ObGyn services and education globally and midwifery services to clients from various countries; offer training and certifications to aspiring midwives, physiotherapists, Pharmacists, doctors, healthcare professionals, childbirth educators and caregivers; conduct workshops to generate awareness on the benefits of natural birth and midwifery, Pain management, Naturopathy, Alternative medicine; support women empowerment and work tirelessly in all related fields to achieve our ultimate goal – the betterment and progress of mankind.

Lillie Excellence Center is an organization providing water birth services, education and training for parents and professionals. To date, more than 1000 people have become certified in safely using water in all stages of pregnancy, labor and birth through our insightful programs. Whether you are a couple interested in exploring natural water birth, a midwife or doctor who wants to offer water birth to clients, or a hospital that wants to integrate the use of warm water immersion on your labor and delivery unit, this course is for you. Our Waterbirth Certification and Education Courses are available online and through in-person workshops.

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